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The funguy chocolate bars are made from the funguy mushrooms. The funguy mushroom is a psilocybin rich plant that has being used for decades far before the production of the funguy chocolate bars. They were used by shaman’s in South America to perform rituals. The psychedelic effects are due to the psilocybin found in the plant. 

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Funguy chocolate bars is one of the most in demand mushroom chocolate bars in the U.S.A at the moment. It is quite similar to the polkadot chocolate bars in effect but our funguy chocolate bars have being known to hit harder than other psychedelic chocolate bars.

Funguy chocolate bars come in 4 squares. Our chocolate bars are sweet and crunchy, this masks the bitter taste that long time psychedelic users have complained about.  The trip got from consuming funguy chocolates is long lasting and usually takes about 3hours.

It is always recommended that newbies have a partner when trying funguy bars for the very first time. Also, it is wiser to practice micro dosing when using our chocolate bars. Beginners should start with one piece and wait at least 30 minutes before taking more.

Effects of Funguy Chocolate

The effects of funguy bars is quite similar to that of many other psilocybin mushroom chocolate bars and psychedelics in general. Before taking our mushroom chocolate bars ensure you have a free day as we don’t recommend perform any serious activities while on mushroom chocolate bars. It can effects such as hallucinations, drowsiness, nausea, slow reaction time and much more. Don’t take our word for it then read what our loyal clients have said.

funguy chocolate bars

Customer reviews

Speaking of her experience with Exhale Wellness, Cody Lefavour said: “My son kept telling me about Exhale’s flower, but I’ve never been able to smoke without coughing. Luckily there’s a vape! I can smoke without the actual smoke, and it’s so smooth and actually quite tasty”. 

Another customer, Matt Kirsch, noted: “Shipping was way faster than I expected for a cannabis company, got my vape fast and loved the experience. Sometimes I have a hard time getting to sleep, but this helps me relax and take a load off”. 

Lozzi also had something to add. “I only buy vapes with 3rd party lab tests because that’s how you a company isn’t BSing. So many of these so-called wellness companies are just looking for a quick buck, but exhale has the lab tests to back up their claims and positive customer reviews. So I finally tried it, and sure enough, it was just as good as people were saying. Shows that it pays to do your research,” she wrote.

Funguy Chocolate vapor smell like weed?

Funguy Chocolate, in general, produces a far milder smell than smoking cannabis. With the exception of some distillates, there will be a light herbal scent that clears quickly, usually within a few minutes.The exact smell of your Funguy Chocolate depends on the terpenes it contains, just like marijuana. You may find that it has a similar scent, but it all depends on the product. Funguy Chocolate distillates, for instance, will possess little to no smell; this pure form of the cannabinoid is free from terpenes, although they may be reintroduced later in production.If you prefer flavored Funguy Chocolate, you’re more likely to observe a smell. Flavored vape oil is produced by adding terpenes into the mix. If the terpenes are derived from a particular weed strain, you may notice a similar aroma between products.

Why should I eat mushroom chocolate bars?

The ingredients and nutrients found in FUNGUY chocolate bars provide an abundance of health benefits. Eating these high quality, delicious chocolate bars will not only satisfy your cravings but also make you feel good about your eating choices. They are also great to bring along with you when on-the-go or as an after dinner treat. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, paleo or simply looking for a healthier snack option – FUNGUY’s chocolate bars range of premium products is perfect for everyone. No preservatives, additives or any other weird stuff added! Our products are handcrafted using only premium natural ingredients sourced from all over the world (like mushrooms from Australia!). All our products have been carefully developed by dietitians and nutritionists to ensure they meet our strict standards for quality & taste. We take pride in creating food that makes people happy and healthy. Funguy was founded by two friends who love food, fitness and being outdoors. We hope you enjoy every bite! TRIPPY MUNCHIES Team

How many ingredients does the funguy chocolate bars have?

Himalayan Pink Salt, Almonds, Raisins, Cacao Nibs, Walnuts, Macadamia Nuts. The chocolate bar is completely natural and contains 12 grams of protein. You will get instant energy after eating one of these bars because they are 100% vegan! Every time I eat one of these delicious bars I feel like I am getting extra nutrients without sacrificing taste. There is also a lot less sugar in our fun guy chocolate bar than any other brand on today’s market. Each funguy chocolate bars has only 5 grams of sugar per serving! Eating healthy should not mean sacrificing your love for sweets. It is possible to have both! Try out fun guy chocolate bars and let us know what you think! We would love to hear from you. The funguy chocolate bars was created by two friends who were sick of seeing their favorite treat disappear off store shelves. They wanted to create something that was more natural and healthier for them. They started researching recipes and found a way to make it even better than before! Now you can try it too!We ship fun guy chocolate bars worldwide and also keep in mind that we can ship them outside of North America at this time to any part of the world.