Like CBD and Delta 8 THC, HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. This cannabinoid is found in hemp pollen and seeds but in extremely small quantities. Because of this, HHC is often converted from CBD.

What is HHC Flower? An HHC flower is also known as a CBD flower sprayed with oil. A CBD flower infused with HHC isolate has been liberally sprinkled with cannabinoids. It is not common for natural flowers to contain high levels of HHC. Instead, you’ll find CBD flowers infused with powerful cannabinol distillates.


The effects of HHC don’t last as long as the effects of THC do. That makes HHC the perfect break time treat. You can smoke an HHC joint at the start of your lunch break, and it will wear off in 1-2 hours so you can get back to work. Since HHC is milder than THC, you won’t be held back by drowsiness or fuzzy thoughts. When the day is wearing you down, and you need to get away for a moment, HHC has your back.

With flower, you get more than HHC alone. Remember that HHC flower is actually hemp flower, rich in CBD. So, when you smoke HHC flower, you reap the benefits of CBD as well. Some of the common ways HHC may benefit you are-

  • Sound night’s sleep
  • Elevated cheery mood
  • Freedom from restlessness and anxiety
  • Increased natural appetite




Through the power of modern chemistry, we can derive CBD from hemp and convert it into HHC. It’s a long and complex process in which chemists work on a molecular level to change chemical bonds — a process known as isomerization. The end result is HHC distillate. Then, we take hemp buds and coat them in the HHC distillate for a potent HHC and CBD combo.