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How Is Live Resin Vape Different Than Regular Vape?

The most notable difference in live resin vapes compared to other vape products is their high terpene content. Preserving these cannabis compounds retains the experience of smoking cannabis flower. Compared to vaping distillate, you can expect a more pungent aroma and a better psychoactive experience with live resin – thanks to preserved compounds that produce the entourage effect. […]

CBN| Can You Take Too Much CBN?

CBN and CBD might have been the most prevalent cannabinoids in the past up until now – but did you know that they are not the only cannabinoids that exist in cannabis and hemp plants? In fact, there are hundreds of them. But one particular cannabinoid is on the rise and getting a piece of the spotlight […]

Vape Cart: Frequently Asked Questions

Vape cart Need to know more about vapes and carts that won’t hit? Here are the most frequently asked questions from fellow smokers and vapers:Melee Dose vape scarts What Is A Vape Cart? A vape cart is a cartridge that contains cannabis oil. It is either live resin, which contains terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids to […]

Why Is My New Melee Dose Cart Not Hitting?

Melee Dose don’t come cheap, so it can be a bummer if you buy a fresh new cart that doesn’t hit. Well, there is more than one reason for a brand-new vape cart not hitting – and just because it’s not hitting doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Buy Melee Dose online There is […]