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We believe that a psychedelic trip can strengthen your connection with the universe, your friends and partners. It can also help you find enlightenment and a purpose of your life while being mad fun.

To begin with, the effects of chocolate bars have a more delayed reaction compared to when a user takes in mushrooms directly. Reactions can take anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes to become apparent. Therefore It is important for consumers to abide by a waiting period for the edibles to take effect and not eat more due to not feeling an immediate sensation, which they may have expected due to previous experiences consuming other mushroom products. Again since the effects of shroom chocolates are both potent and delayed, users are advised not to consume more than the prescribed quantities . The Instructions  can be seen at the back of the wrapping plastic.

chocolates bars  have to be digested before any effects are felt, thus making the process longer than vaping or smoking  . Once these effects have kicked in , they actually last longer and stronger than most methods of psilocybin consumption . Furthermore the duration of user-experience can be affected by the consumers  body weight, metabolism and finally the concentration of Psilocybin.